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 JPEG to PowerPoint Converter
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This tool creates a PowerPoint file from a directory containing JPEG images. 

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Setup and Operation:

Download and unzip the runtime distribution on your system.  On a system where Visual Basic 6 or later is installed, or where other UW CSE tools have been installed, no setup is likely to be necessary.  If in doubt, try running the executable Img2PPT.exe.  If errors appear, run setup.  Of course, you also need to have PowerPoint installed on the target system.  The tool was originally developed for use with PowerPoint 9 included in Office 2000.

The tool's main dialog provides the user the opportunity to specify the size and position that the images will take when placed in slides.  Both are specified in points. (There are 72 points per inch).  The position coordinates place the upper left corner of the image relative to the upper left corner of the slide.  Increasing coordinates move the image to the right and down.

When the user clicks on the button labeled: "Select image directory and create PPT," the tool prompts for the directory containing the images.  It is assumed that the image names in the directory are exactly "image1.jpg .. imageN.jpg".  The tool will create a slide in the new PowerPoint file for each image.  The image numbers must be continuous, and must begin with 1.

From Postscript Source

In one common scenario, the original material is in postscript format.  Here, the JPEG images would be created by Ghostscript before the Img2PPT tool is used.  Ghostscript for most platforms is available from the Ghostscript home page.   With the Aladdin 6.01 precompiled Win32 version, JPEG images were created by placing the postscript file in the target directory, and running:

  gswin32c -dNOPAUSE -dBATCH -sDEVICE=jpeg -sOutputFile=image%d.jpg filename.ps

Rotating images:  If the images are created in landscape orientation, they will need to be rotated before the PowerPoint file is created.  One way to automate this operation is to write a script to run jpegtran.exe with each file.  Jpegtran.exe is one of the jpeg utilities included in the free "Jpegsr6b" distribution from www.ijg.org.

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