NW-NLP 2012

The Pacific Northwest Regional NLP Workshop (NW-NLP 2012)

UPDATE: Talk, poster size, and camera ready details added below.
UPDATE: Submission deadline extended to April 2nd.
UPDATE: Upload your submissions here.
CONTACT: Please feel free to contact Gina (levow at uw dot edu) or Luke (lsz at cs dot washington dot edu) with any questions about NW-NLP 2012!


Welcome (9:30-10:40)
9:30 Gather (Coffee Break Food Available)
10:00 Welcome to NW NLP (10min)
10:10 Introduction Blitz (30min)
Coffee Break (10:40-11:00)
Morning Talks
11:00 Getting More from Morphology in Multilingual Dependency Parsing Matt Hohensee and Emily M. Bender
11:20 Hello, Who is Calling?: Can Words Reveal the Social Nature of Conversations? Anthony Stark, Izhak Shafran and Jeffrey Kaye
11:40 A Novel Discriminative Framework for Sentence-Level Discourse Analysis Shafiq Joty, Giuseppe Carenini and Raymond Ng
12:00 Measuring the Divergence of Dependency Structures Cross-Linguistically to Improve Syntactic Projection Algorithms Ryan Georgi, Fei Xia and William Lewis
Lunch (12:20-1:35)
Poster Session 1 (1:35-3:00)
Assessing Pneumonia Identification from Time-Ordered Narrative Reports Cosmin Bejan, Lucy Vanderwende, Mark Wurfel and Meliha Yetisgen-Yildiz
Simulating Errors Typical of Disordered Language Eric Morley
Knowledge Encapsulation Framework for Technosocial Predictive Modeling Michael Madison, Andrew Cowell, Scott Butner, Keith Fligg, Andrew Piatt, Liam McGrath and Peter Ellis
Collecting High-Quality Fine-Grained Human Feedback on Machine Translation Errors with ChoiceWords Katie Kuksenok, Michael Brooks, Srinivas Bangalore and James Fogarty
Collecting Spatial Information for Locations in a Text-to-Scene Conversion System Masoud Rouhizadeh, Richard Sproat and Bob Coyne
Improved Reordering for Shallow-n Grammar based Hierarchical Phrase-based Translation Baskaran Sankaran and Anoop Sarkar
Learning to Recover Meaning from Unannotated Conversational Interactions Yoav Artzi and Luke Zettlemoyer
A Summary and Comparison of Two Approaches for Determinization of Lattices Mahsa Yarmohammadi, Brian Roark, Izhak Shafran and Richard Sproat
Automatic Topic Labeling in Asynchronous Conversations Shafiq Joty, Giuseppe Carenini and Raymond Ng
Detecting Informative Blog Comments using Tree Structured Conditional Random Fields Wei Jin, Shafiq Joty, Giuseppe Carenini and Raymond Ng
Automatic Identification of User Interest in Tweets Wei Wu and Mari Ostendorf
Building a Longitudinal Corpus of Emails Composed by Older Adults Krystal Klein
Semantic Features for Classifying Referring Search Terms Chandler May, Michael Henry, Liam McGrath, Eric Bell, Eric Marshall and Michelle Gregory
Coffee Break (3:00-3:45)
Afternoon Talks (3:45-4:45)
3:45 Graph-based alignment of narratives for automated neurological assessment Emily Prud'hommeaux and Brian Roark
4:05 Ontological Smoothing for Relation Extraction with Minimal Supervision Congle Zhang, Raphael Hoffmann and Daniel Weld
4:25 Bootstrapping via Graph Propagation Max Whitney and Anoop Sarkar
Poster Session 2 (4:45-6:15)
Autocompletion and autodeletion in binary typing systems Andrew Fowler, Brian Roark and Melanie Fried-Oken
Using a Goodness Measurement for Domain Adaptation: A Case Study on Chinese Word Segmentation Yan Song and Fei Xia
Acoustic domain adaptation with enrollment data from clinical tasks Maider Lehr and Izhak Shafran
A Sparse Plus Low Rank Maximum Entropy Language Model Brian Hutchinson, Mari Ostendorf and Maryam Fazel
A temporal simulator for developing turn-taking methods for Spoken Dialogue Systems Ethan Selfridge and Peter Heeman
A Visual Interface for Browsing and Summarizing Conversations Shama Rashid and Giuseppe Carenini
Mixing Multiple Translation Models in Statistical Machine Translation Majid Razmara, George Foster, Baskaran Sankaran and Anoop Sarkar
An Ensemble Model that Combines Syntactic and Semantic Clustering for Discriminative Dependency Parsing Gholamreza Haffari, Marzieh Razavi and Anoop Sarkar
Answering Biology Questions using Textual Reasoning Peter Clark, Phil Harrison and Niranjan Balasubramanian
A Joint Model of Language and Perception for Grounded Attribute Learning Cynthia Matuszek, Nicholas Fitzgerald, Liefeng Bo, Luke Zettlemoyer and Dieter Fox
Contrasting objective functions for CYK chart decoding Aaron Dunlop and Brian Roark
Making the most of a distributed perceptron for NLP Max Whitney, Ann Clifton, Anoop Sarkar and Alexandra Fedorova
Closing Remarks (6:15)

Call for Submissions and Participation

The second Northwest Regional NLP Workshop will be held on Friday, May 11, 2012 in Redmond, WA. We welcome submissions of extended abstracts in all aspects of natural language text and speech processing, computational linguistics, and human language technologies.

The goal of this one-day NW-NLP workshop is to provide a less-formal setting in the Pacific Northwest to present research ideas, make new acquaintances, and learn about the breadth of exciting work currently being pursued in British Columbia, Oregon, Washington, and the surrounding areas.

We encourage submissions of both completed and ongoing work. Accepted submissions will be presented as either an oral presentation or a poster. Students and less established researchers are especially encouraged to submit their work. This workshop will provide a venue for feedback on early-stage research.

Important Dates:


Microsoft Research Redmond
14820 NE 36th Street
Redmond, WA 98052

Submission and Reviewing Procedure:

The NW-NLP Workshop will accept two types of submissions:

  1. Extended abstracts. 2-page maximum. This option is intended for submissions of original, completed or ongoing, unpublished research.
  2. Authors may also submit 'as is' any full conference paper that has been (or that will soon be) submitted to some other conference or workshop (e.g. ACL, LREC, COLING, etc.). Because these papers will be peer-reviewed elsewhere, they will receive less detailed review notes from the NW-NLP committee.
Reviewing will *not* be double-blind; submissions should include author information. A strong preference will be given to student authored submissions. Please indicate, in your submitted .pdf file, a preference for oral or poster formats and the status of the work with respect to dual submission, as described for option (2) above.

We look forward to an exciting and busy day of presentations and research at NW-NLP 2012!


Gina-Anne Levow and Luke Zettlemoyer
NW-NLP Co-Chairs

Poster, Talk, and Camera-Ready Notes

We look forward to seeing all of the final submissions!

Program Committee:

Emily Bender, University of Washington
Giuseppe Carenini, University of British Columbia
Michael Gamon, Microsoft Research
Michelle L. Gregory, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Katrin Kirchhoff, University of Washington
Gina-Anne Levow, University of Washington
Will Lewis, Microsoft Research
Liam R. McGrath, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Fred Popowich, Simon Fraser University
Chris Quirk, Microsoft Research
Brian Roark, Oregon Health & Science University
Anoop Sarkar, Simon Fraser University
Michael Tjalve, Speech @ Microsoft
Fei Xia, University of Washington
Luke Zettlemoyer, University of Washington